RISE Magazine

RISE Magazine fuses science, culture and wellness to share news and stories about the growth of the marijuana industry, the lifestyle surrounding it, and those who support it.

I was hired to come up with the Creative Direction for the entire brand which included brandmarks, typography, colour palette and photography style. I also carried out the creation of dozens of GIFs, social media images, design assets and more.


Initial Exploration

           Rise Above — After establishing the overall visual direction, I got to work creating the RISE Brand Bible and creating hundreds of assets for various social channels and sites.

     The work had to appeal to progressive women 25-40, particularly trans people, people of colour, and people with a passion for women’s issues.

The GIFs were a huge hit as a way to tease content and build excitement. I purposely made them simple and pre-designed a few slides for quick asset creation to take advantage of timely cultural topics.


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